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What is the DC Arts & Wellness Fund?

The Dawson Creek Arts and Wellness Fund is a funding opportunity for children and youth in financial need, looking to participate in arts, crafts, music, meditation, yoga and other wellness programs. The fund is intended for people who would not be able to participate in these activities otherwise. The fund is available to participants aged 0-24 years old.

Start up funding for the fund came from a one-time contribution from the Dawson Creek Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Local Action Team.

The DC Arts & Wellness Fund does not replace KidSport Dawson Creek or the Canadian Tire Jump Start Program, which continue to make funds available for sport participation. Our aim is to open up new doors making funding available so that children and youth can experience art and wellness programming in the Dawson Creek area.

What types of programs will the DC Arts & Wellness Fund Support?

Funding is intended for recreational activities (not services or interventions). Participation may be beneficial and even therapeutic, but is not ‘therapy’.

The DC Arts & Wellness Fund will make funding available to cover the cost of registration fees for established programs such as Arts Programs, Craft Programs, Drama and Music Classes and Yoga, Meditation or Wellness Classes, among others. Classes must be located in Dawson Creek but applicants can be from surrounding areas.

The fund may also consider equipment, materials and transit costs.

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Program Guidelines

  • An individual applies for financial assistance from the DC Arts & Wellness Fund to assist with registration fees for an established arts, crafts, wellness or creative program.

  • Funding is available for children and youth (birth to 24 years of age).

  • Funding is limited to $250 per year, per child.

  • Funds are for established programs offered and delivered by a reputable community agency or business, and which are not eligible for other sources of funding such as KidSport or Jumpstart.

  • Funding is intended for those children and youth who would not otherwise be able to access programming due to financial need.

Program Process

  • Applicants must complete the Arts and Wellness Fund Request Form.

  • Request forms need to be authenticated by a reference, who is a professional in the community (teacher, recreation worker, social worker, councillor etc.) who is familiar with the applicant and/or the applicants family. Program instructors and family members are not acceptable references.

  • Request forms are assessed by the DC Arts and Wellness Fund Committee. On approval, funding is delivered to the appropriate service or program. Funds will not be provided directly to the participant or applicant.

  • Intake is ongoing, though applicants must apply at least one week before the program start date.

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